KENNETH H. NORWICH, 1993, 2003
Institute of Biomedical Engineering,
Department of Physiology, and Department of Physics
University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Table of Contents

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Cover & Contents (54 Kb)

Preface (218 Kb)

  1. Introduction (804 Kb)
  2. Perception as a Choice among Alternatives (221 Kb)
  3. The Empirical Laws of Sensation and Perception (1405 Kb)
  4. Information of Events with Discrete Outcomes: Methods of Communication Theory and Psychology (1245 Kb)
  5. Information of Events with Discrete Outcomes: Applications in Communication Science and in Psychology (382 Kb)
  6. Information of Events with Discrete Outcomes: Methods of Physics (525 Kb)
  7. The Information of Events with Continuous Outcomes (899 Kb)
  8. The Entropy of the Normal Distribution (347 Kb)
  9. Modeling the H-Function (669 Kb)
  10. Derivation of the Law of Sensation (998 Kb)
  11. Sensory Adaptation (1296 Kb)
  12. Differential Thresholds, Weber Fractions, and JND's (531 Kb)
  13. Simple Reaction Times and the Blondel-Rey Law (919 Kb)
  14. Odds and n's, and the Magical Number Log(2p) Bits of Information (1187 Kb)
  15. Boltzmann and Berkeley (181 Kb)
  16. Physiological Consequences of the Relativity of Perception (320 Kb)
  17. Extrapolations and Speculations (419 Kb)

    Glossary of Symbols (120 Kb)


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